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Tank Cleaning

KMI offers a variety of tank cleaning chemicals to meet you cleaning needs. Below you can find many of our great products listed by category. For more information on any of our products visit our contact us page to send us an email.

Our Products


KMI manufactures a variety of different boosters for hot vat recirculation type cleaning applications.  These products are designed to improve solvency, wetting and increased cleaning efficiency in a caustic vat.  In applications where caustic is not desired, use Eco Green “Safe Release A”.  This product is designed to provide the alkalinity required within the cleaning system without the harshness of caustic.  There are products available in this category that are certified Kosher and Pareve, and options available in liquid or powder form. Please contact us for more information on these products.


KMI offers both silicone and none silicone defoamers.  Defoamers are designed to either be maintenance products or recovery products where cleaning applications are generating out of control unwanted foam.  Contact us for further assistance with your application.


KMI produces many different degreasers including solvent base, water base, corrosive and non-corrosive degreasers. We also have a complete line of eco-friendly, all naturally derived products. Please contact us to discuss which product may best suit your needs.


KMI offers a full line of Odor Defense products.  This includes a variety of scented deodorizers, as well as reactive neutralizer type products, for complete odor neutralization of sulfides, acrylates and mercaptans. To find out what product works best for you, please contact us.


KMI offers a full line of Industrial detergent products. We offer a variety of detergents that are specific in unique applications such as closed loop and single pass cleaning processes. Please contact us to discuss which detergent may best fit your application and process.

Food Grade

KMI offers the following products approved for Food Grade cleaning. They are certified Kosher and can be used in various applications. Please contact usto discuss which product may best suit your needs.

191 Performance

Bioside HS 15%


Eco Green 54-FG





For more information on our certified Kosher and Pareve products, including the letter of certification click below


KMI offers three variations of passivation compounds.  All variations are listed on our Kosher Certificate.  Please contact us to discuss the right product for your application.

Presolves & Latex/Resin Strippers

We also offer a wide variety of Presolve/Pretreatment/Stripper process products. We consult at the local level to determine the best suited product based on each customers needs, while keeping auditing and regulatory standards in mind. Please contact us to discuss which product may best suit your needs.

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