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About Us

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KMI is one of the leading manufacturers of chemicals in the bulk container and cleaning industries in the United States.

We work in close co-operation with our clients and partners, tailoring value-added solutions and executing projects in line with their business strategy.

KMI is committed to providing our customers with solutions to solve any of their cleaning needs while also having a low impact on the environment. We are a family owned, Michigan based business. KMI takes the time to produce quality products in small batches. We want our customers to be a part of our family and to experience the craft we dedicate ourselves to.

KMI currently serves locations all over the United States and parts of Canada and continue to expand our reach. We have blending and packaging operations in Battle Creek, Michigan, and Houston, Texas.

Our History

In 1979, Kleen Machine, Inc. was formed as a partnership between Russell Bloch and Dave Lafler. At that time, Kleen Machine was an industrial cleaning company, providing hydro blasting and steam cleaning services to the railroads, cereal plants, and maintenance cleans for commercial exhaust systems. 

By 1986, Kleen Machine shifted to offering sales and service for a broad range of hydro blasting and steam cleaning equipment. 

In 1989, Kleen Machine became KMI Cleaning Solutions and began manufacturing specialty cleaning compounds for the transportation industry.

In 1995, KMI began offering chemistry and consulting services to the IBC and bulk transport tank cleaning industries.


In 2015, KMI acquired Advanced Formulas, Inc. in Houston, Texas to further expand our chemical and cleaning product offerings throughout the Gulf Coast and West Coast regions. 

In 2022, KMI introduced the industrial services branch of the business to enhances services available to current clients as well as broadening its capabilities into construction and civil work 


Today, KMI Cleaning Solutions, llc. is a leader in providing sustainable cleaning solutions for land based tank cleaning, along with bulk transport, intermodal, and marine tank cleaning applications.

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